Terms and Conditions

Definition of Terms

Intaleq Loyalty Programme is the designated name given to Euro Motors’ loyalty programme to reward its valued customers with extra benefits and privileges. Member is defined as the bearer of the membership card whose name appears on the card with designated membership number and personal login token to activate his/her Personal Web Page (PWP) in the Intaleq website.

Membership Account consists of the member’s activities, statements and details available in the Intaleq Loyalty Programme system and Personal Web Page. Klicks are the currency used to award members for any completed cash transactions that can be exchanged for any purchases of any products or services available at Euro Motors.

Redemption is the process of trading/exchanging klicks to pay for any products or services in accordance to the rules set by the programme.


1. Membership and all related rights and obligations, including klicks are not transferable to other party . In case of death, the Membership will be terminated and all accrued klicks will be forfeited.

2. Members may terminate their Membership by writing to Intaleq Loyalty Programme at anytime.

3. Members may change their mailing address and contact details in their Personal Web Page (PWP) online.

4. The Membership and Card is only valid for 2 years.

5. Any Member whose Card has expired and fails to do any new transaction with Euro Motors, his/her Membership will be invalid.

6. Euro Motors has the right to revise and amend these terms and conditions at any given time to suit the market condition and its business strategies.


1. Only Bahrain resident aged 18 years old and above or Bahraini registered company are eligible to apply into the programme, provided that Company’s representative shall submit authorization letter if he/she not signatory as per Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MOIC) records.

2. A Member is allowed to have only one membership account regardless of the number of vehicles registered under his/her name in Euro Motors.

3. Enrollment to the programme is upon completion of the application form, and new customers may have to purchase a product or services in order to be eligible for enrollment.

4. All existing customers of Euro Motors can enroll to the programme. However, no klicks will be credited for any purchases done prior to the enrollment date.

5. Intaleq membership pack will be available within 3 weeks from the time of enrollment. A notification email will be sent to members for card collection.

6. Members will be provided with a personal login token to access their Personal Web Pages (PWP) upon issuance of the membership pack.

Awarding / Redeeming of Klicks

1. Klicks can only be awarded to any completed cash transactions, however, this excludes payment for a service package, warranty, tinting, registration fee and insurance.

2. Klicks are credited to member’s account within 48 hours and can be viewed in member’s personal web page (PWP) online.

3. Klicks may be transferred only with Euro Motors’consent. They may not be sold or traded in any way.

4. Klicks are not refundable and can’t be exchanged for cash.

5. In the event that the membership card has expired, any unused klicks will be forfeited. No retroactive claims will be permitted.

6. Redemption for pre-awarded klicks will not be allowed. Only accrued klicks in the membership account can be redeemed.

7. Klicks cannot be redeemed to pay for a service package, warranty, tinting, registration fee and insurance.

8. Klicks may not be redeemed in conjunction with any other offer or promotion, except with our express prior permission.

9. Accrued Klicks may be redeemed only in accordance with the prevailing terms of use.

10. In order to earn and redeem klicks, member shall submit CPR for individual and authorization letter for company enrollment.

Membership card

1. The Card is the property of Euro Motors’ property and must be returned upon request.

2. Euro Motors reserves the right, at any time:

• to decline to issue a Card;

• to withdraw or cancel a previously issued Card or Benefit on reasonable grounds.

Reasonable grounds include, but are not limited to:

• actual or attempted abuse;

• actual or attempted use of a Card or Benefit in contravention of the prevailing Terms and Conditions;

• suspicion of fraudulent activity.

3. An issued Card and its security remains the responsibility of the holder at all times.

4. If the Card becomes lost, stolen or damaged, the Member should inform the Intaleq counter at Euro Motors showroom or send an email to intaleq@euromotors.com.bh.

The Card will be replaced as soon as possible. This will usually take at least 3 weeks.

5. An issued Card cannot be used as a credit card or a guarantee card.

6. The Card may only be used at one of our retailers or other promotional partners who may from time to time be included in the scheme.

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